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Woodcote Pre-school has an ‘open door policy’ and also offer a free trial session to all children.

Welcome to Woodcote Pre-School

Our aim is to provide a safe, happy and fun environment for our children to learn, discover and develop through play and active learning.

We recognise that each child is different and nurture this uniqueness, encouraging each child to explore and participate building their own self-confidence and ability to interact with others.


Woodcote Pre-school first opened it’s doors in 1966 and has been welcoming children from Woodcote and the surrounding area ever since. We are situated in the Woodcote Village Hall in the heart of the community.


We have a close-knit team of highly dedicated, experienced and qualified staff and pride ourselves in being a fully inclusive setting welcoming all children between the ages of 18 months to 5 years.


We have a very large indoor space allowing us to have designated areas for different types of play and activities, and have a wide variety of different books, toys, fancy dress and activities to meet all our children’s individual learning needs.


Woodcote Pre-school has a reputation for the delicious nutritious freshly prepared meals we offer our children each day. We have a large kitchen facility with a dedicated cook and lunchtime supervisor who prepares all our meals for our children on a daily basis.


The Pre-school enjoys strong ties with many local organisations but particularly the local Primary School ensuring that those children moving to this setting have a smooth transition and benefit from several settling in sessions in the term leading up to the summer holidays. In addition, the children are invited by the school to attend various events throughout the year such as watching their Christmas play.

“Good use is made of the outside environment and wider community to extend children’s learning. For example, children make regular trips to their own allotment and tend to the fruit and vegetables they have planted themselves.” Ofsted Report 2016

What Parents and Ofsted say ...

  • Sociable
    “Children are very sociable and cooperate well together.  For example, at snack time they listen to one another carefully as they share their news.”
    Ofsted Report
  • Happy
    “Children are happy in the pre-school.  They form very close relationships with the staff and greet them excitedly when they arrive each day.”
    Ofsted Report
  • Daily Routine
    “The daily routine is planned well.  Group times are used effectively to develop children’s speaking and listening skills, and their confidence to socialise with their friends.”
    Ofsted Report
  • Good links
    “There are good links with the village school.  Older children regularly attend events and this helps them become familiar with the school environment.”
    Ofsted Report
  • Outside Environment
    “Good use is made of the outside environment and wider community to extend children’s learning.  For example, children make regular trips to their own allotment and tend to the fruit and vegetables they have planted.”
    Ofsted Report
  • Youngest age
    “From the youngest age, children settle quickly and enjoy good support from their key person.”
    Ofsted Report
  • Good Quality Teaching
    “The pre-school offers a good start to children’s learning.  Good quality teaching means children concentrate well; they show interest in new things and are keen to ‘have a go’.”
    Ofsted Report
  • Younger Children
    “Younger children gain a great deal from being with the older children. They make good progress with their communication skills and are confident to join in with all activities.”  
    Ofsted Report
  • Independent
    “Good support is in place to encourage children to be independent.”
    Ofsted Report
  • Staff support
    “Staff support children’s learning well. They play alongside children and plan activities they know will interest them and offer relevant challenge.”
    Ofsted Report
Children's Artwork

Some of our children's artwork

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