Policies & Documents

Policies and Documents

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Please click here to view or download our Woodcote Preschool Policies Document here

Table of Contents

  1. Admissions Policy
  2. Behaviour Management Policy
  3. Child Photographs policy
  4. Child Records Policy
  5. Complaints Policy
  6. Confidentiality and Client Access to Records Policy
  7. Conflicts of Interest Policy
  8. Designated Safeguarding Lead information
  9. Fire Drill and Fire Evacuation Procedure
  10. GDPR Policy
  11. GDPR Privacy Notice
  12. Health And Safety Policy
  13. Information Sharing Policy
  14. Looked after children Policy
  15. Managing Allegations Policy
  16. No Smoking Policy
  17. Nutrition Physical Activity Policy Procedures
  18. Online Safety including Mobile Phones and Cameras
  19. Parental Involvement Policy
  20. Personal care Policy
  21. Retention Periods for Records
  22. Safeguarding Policy (including Prevent duty)
  23. Safer Recruitment Policy
  24. Student Placement Policy
  25. Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs Policy
  26. The collection and Non-collection of Children Policy
  27. Valuing Diversity and Promoting inclusion and Equality Policy
  28. Whistleblowing Policy
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