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Ofsted Report July 2016


We had our most recent Ofsted Inspection in July 2016 and are very pleased to say that we have been given a ‘GOOD’ rating.

Summary of key findings for parents

This provision is good because:

  • The pre-school manager, the management committee and staff have worked hard since the last inspection to make the necessary improvements. As a result, all legal requirements are now met.


  • The leadership and management of the setting has improved. The manager is fully supported by a strong committee and better provision has been put in place for staff training and development. The quality of teaching is now good.
  • Children are very happy in the pre-school. They form very close relationships with the staff and greet them excitedly when they arrive each day. From the youngest age, children settle quickly and enjoy good support from their key person.
  • Children make good progress in their learning and development. Staff work closely with parents when children first join the pre-school to identify what children know and can do. This provides staff with a good understanding of children’s abilities and helps them to accurately measure their progress.

It is not yet outstanding because:

  • Although staff review their practice, this is not yet robust enough to help them deliver an outstanding level of provision.
  • Information about the progress children make is not yet effectively used to show how quickly gaps in learning are closing.

To further improve the quality of the early years provision the provider should:

  • Utilise all opportunities for monitoring the quality of the provision to improve standards to an outstanding level
  • Make full use of assessment information to demonstrate how any gaps in different groups of children’s learning are closing at a rapid pace.


We are very pleased with our Ofsted report and have taken steps to further improve our provision.

Staff have now been on further training courses to enable them to use all opportunities for monitoring the quality of the provision.  Staff make full use of assessment information and are now narrowing the gaps in children’s learning.

To read our full Ofsted report please click on link below…/133702


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Week 4 June 22nd Picnics

The children have been on lots of walks this week and enjoying having a picnic on the recreation ground.  We have been so lucky with the weather being so nice.  We have also been role-playing having picnic and the children have been telling us what their favourite foods are.  We have also been practising our maths, counting, handwriting skills and practising for our up and coming sports day.

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Week 3 June 15th – Cleaning & Father’s Day

We have had a very busy week this week the children have been role-playing with the house front, cleaning, washing clothes and cooking.  We didn't know so many children were keen to do the cleaning, they have been hoovering, mopping, sweeping and polishing.  They have been practising their cutting skills by cutting out pictures from magazines and then sticking them onto paper.

We have been making Father's Day cards for our Daddy's ready for Father's Day on Sunday and the children invited their dad's in for a cup of coffee and a homemade sausage roll.  The dad's loved coming in to Pre-school and watching their children play whilst they enjoyed a coffee and scrumptious sausage roll made especially for them.  We had one Grandma taking Daddy's place as he was busy at work.



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Week 2 June 8th – Flowers

We have been to visit the garden centre to look at all the different flowers, discussing the shapes and colors.  We have been for walks around the recreation ground and to the allotment.  There has been flower shop, garden centre role-play, puzzles, games, and lots of outdoor play.  The children really enjoyed making some 3D flowers to take home with them.


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Term 6 Week 1 June 1st – Minibeasts

The first week back after half-term the children had a visit from Zoolab thanks to the Children's Centre who provided this for us.  They saw a tarantula, a snake, a giant snail, a hermit crab and a gerbil.  Some of the children were quite nervous and scared to touch any of the animals and some of them were very keen.  The Zoolab staff were really good with the children getting them to interact and talking to them about the various animals.  a lovely time was had by all.

Our older children unfortunately had to miss the Zoolab visit as they had more important things to do like visit Woodcote Primary School for their first time to help with their transition to big school.  Some of them were a little nervous when we took them over but by the time they came back they were really excited to tell us about all the great things the reception class has and about the lovely time they spent there.  They have lots more visits lined up to help them prepare for their transition and Mrs Beesley their teacher and her teaching assistants are going to come to Pre-school so the children can show them what they do at Pre-school.

As this weeks topic has been minibeasts we have been dressing up and wearing our insects masks, role-playing garden centres, playing with the soil and insects.  There has been lots of messy play and arts and crafts.


Looking slighly apprehensive about the giant snail!



Holding the snake, very brave girl!

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