About Us

Our aim is to provide a safe and happy environment, whilst teaching educational and social skills through play. We offer a wide range of well planned indoor and outdoor activities to promote the development towards the early learning goals of the EYFS. A key-worker is assigned to each child to monitor progress and development.

Outside Space and Facilities

An area of the village green immediately outside the Pre-school room can be fenced off for our own use, enabling the children to play inside or outside. The main village playground is adjacent to the pre-school and the children regularly make use of this well-equipped area, as well as taking part in other activities on the village green, and enjoying visits to the village library.

Our large kitchen facilities enable the children to enjoy cooking and baking on a regular basis, thus helping to promote an awareness of the importance of good nutrition.


Read about our latest Ofsted report here


Pre-School Manager: Wendy Powell

Deputy Manager: Sam Hearn

Pre-School Assistant: Sophie Ayres-Norman

Pre-School Assistant: Rebecca Smith

Cook/Lunchtime Supervisor: Tanya Yates



Chairperson: James Pearce Harvey

Secretary:James Pearce Harvey

Treasurer: Lesley Elias and Felipa House

Members: Ellie Leary ,Helen Pearce Harvey and Miranda Elsome