What does the Committee do?

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October 8, 2012
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What does the Committee do?

What does the Committee do?

What does the Committee do?


For all those interested in what the committee actually does. Here is a rough breakdown of the roles and responsibilites.

Committee Roles




Knows the roles and legal obligations of the committee

Ensures committee members and staff have clearly identified roles and responsibilities – coordinates these with other committee members

Advises Pre-school Manager on National standards and OFSTED requirements, liaising with OFSTED if necessary

Ensures Data Protection Compliance

Charity Commission applications

Manages Annual General Meetings and leads Committee meetings

Reviews and carry out staff appraisals with Pre-School Manager and personnel committee member

Recruits volunteers for the committee


Organises agenda for meetings and writes minutes

Updates/reviews Activity Plan

Ensures display board is kept up-to-date with appropriate information

Updates and circulates contact numbers for committee members and staff

Informs OFSTED and Charity Commission of any changes

Committee and staff photos for the display board

Circulates any communications to parents

Ensures registration details put onto admin computer.

Updates registration details for all children annually

Book Christmas party entertainment

Book photographer


Maintains the Receipts and Payments ledger

Approves an annual budget and monitors it regularly

Prepares / monitors forecasting model

Gets accounts checked annually and independently

Submits annual return to the Charity Commission

Implement and manage gift aid donations

Submits staff hours to Payroll Administrator

CRB/recruitment/ Personnel

Organises Criminal Records Bureau checks for new employees

Co-ordinates recruitment of new staff

Carries out staff appraisals with Pre-School Manager and Chair

Undertakes Safer Recruitment training

Policies and Procedures

Develop timetable for review of all policies

Coordinate annual review

Ensure docs at Pre-School up to date Maintains Staff Handbook

Health and Safety

Carry out Risk Assessment / coordinate results with VHMC

Review Food Safety diary monthly

Carry out staff inductions when necessary

Coffee Shop

Communicate with Community Centre re rota

Organise helpers and cakes for each coffee shop

Maintain coffee shop box


Co-ordinates any fundraising events with other committee members

Write letters asking for donations

Organises annual raffles (Christmas / Summer)

Update parents on fundraising totals


Write articles for Correspondent / newsletter for parents

Maintain scrap book with Correspondent articles

Provide Henley Standard with info about events at Preschool with photos

Ensure leaflets available at all places round village, etc.


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